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Leapers UTG Tactical Ringe 6-Loch QD RG2W1156

ArtNr.: 190880

Leapers UTG 1" Tactical 6-Hole Quick Detachable Picatinny-Style Rings Medium RG2W1156

Leapers UTG Max Strength Tactical Picatinny Rings are just what you need for mounting an optic to your tactical rifle. This set of rings is precision machined from aluminum alloy and has an anodized finish. Protective tape is applied to the inside of each ring to protect your scope and the tight tolerances of the quick detach system ensure return to zero.

Technical Information
(2 Stück / 2 Pieces)
Material: Aluminum

Style: Picatinny

Ring Diameter: 1"

Ring Height: 15mm (measured from base of ring to bottom of scope tube) RG2W1156

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